Community Education Series

Area residents can learn about a variety of health and medical topics in a series of free educational seminars offered throughout the year by Temecula Valley Hospital.

Medical Gold Minds Community Education Series

Second Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Operations Center on the second floor of Temecula Valley Hospital

Next Seminar: July 13, 2017

Presented by: Carl Walker, MD
Board Certified in Urology

Topic: The Enlarged Prostate: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Attend to learn about:

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Options

Reservations are not required. Call 951-331-2220 for additional information.

Medical Gold Minds Past Presentations

June 2017 — Walter Combs, MD
"Preventive Health: A Possible Solution to Using Pills as a Cure-All"

May 2017 — Andrew Ertweman, MD
"Shoulder Replacement Surgery"

April 2017 — Neil Simpson, MD
"Questions to Ask Yourself Before Visiting Your Doctor"

March 2017 — Lance Reinherz, MD
"Heart Failure: What You Need to Know"

February 2017 — Andrew Ho, MD
"Fixing the Heart through the Arm: Advantages of Transradial Coronary Intervention"

January 2017 — David J. Horner, MD
"Taking Control of Your Diabetes"

December 2016 — Matthew Leach, MD
"Modern Therapies for Paranasal Sinus Disease"

November 2016 — Karen Muchowski, MD
"Aging Gracefully: Exercise and Nutrition"

October 2016 — Andrew Erwteman, MD
"Orthopedic Surgery: Rotator Cuffs"

September 2016 — Matthew Gargulinski, MD
"Knee Replacement and New Patient-specific Technologies"

August 2016 — Arun Kalra, MD
"Lung Cancer Risks, Treatments and Early Detection"

July 2016 — Jenny Lee, MD
"Peripheral Arterial Disease”

June 2016 — Monisha Crisell, MD
"Incontinence: Causes, Control and Treatment”

May 2016 — Maisara Rahman, MD
"Taking Control of Your Diabetes”

April 2016 — Dr. Indraneel Chakrabarty
"Esophageal Cancer — What You Need to Know”

March 2016 — Dr. Allen Chan
"Varicose Veins What is the Best Treatment?”

February 2016 — Dr. Robin Abdelmalik
"Heart Disease 101”

January 2016 — Dr. John S. Locke
"Knee Pain: Injuries to Arthritis What is the Best Treatment?”

Event Date:
07/13/2017 at 6:00 p.m.