Tissue-sparing Hip Replacement Helps Tyler Riddell Get Back in the Swing of Things Faster

November 17, 2016

Tyler Riddell, 48, has always been active in sports. He played football and ran track in college, and continued running, logging 50 miles a week. He also became an avid golfer, but in 2008, he started having pain in his hip. He brushed it off, took anti-inflammatory medications and lived with the pain. In 2015, he started limping and finally saw his doctor, who ordered an X-ray and physical therapy (PT). “I never went for the X-ray. Stubbornly, I went straight to the physical therapist to strengthen my leg and my core,” says Tyler.

Physical therapy helped a little, but by February 2016, Tyler’s hip was worse. His doctor referred him to Orthopedic Surgeon Rolf Drinhaus, MD. “The X-ray showed my hip was bone rubbing against bone, which is why I was having so much pain,” says Tyler. “It was obvious I needed hip replacement surgery.” Dr. Drinhaus discussed surgical options with Tyler, and he recommended the SuperPath® Hip Replacement tissue-sparing procedure.

“This is a better approach because it is minimally invasive, no ligaments are cut and the hip is never dislocated during the procedure,” says Dr. Drinhaus. “It usually involves a two-day hospital stay, and many patients walk out of the hospital using a cane.” Dr. Drinhaus states he has been using this method for several years, and about 80 to 90 percent of his patients are candidates for it. “Most patients are able to do more activities following the SuperPath® Hip Replacement procedure compared with traditional hip replacement surgery because two of the biggest complications – hip dislocation and leg-length discrepancy – are virtually eliminated*,” he says.

Tyler highlights there is a big difference in his hip mobility following the surgery. “My surgery was in April, and I was up and walking around and doing PT the next day. I finished outpatient PT in July, and my hip feels great! I am in awe of the medical care I received at Temecula Valley Hospital. Everything was thoroughly explained ahead of time, and I felt very comfortable with the process,” Tyler says.

Tyler is glad Temecula Valley Hospital is close by and in the community. “The technology they offer makes it convenient because we can get excellent care locally instead of having to travel,” says Tyler. “The staff is warm, friendly and inviting, and I highly recommend it to my friends and family.”